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torsdag 14. juni 2012

The Carpenters

Rest in Peace Karen

 The first time I heard about the Carpenters was on a Simpsons Episode I think.
 The song Close To you appeared on the episode when Marge and Homer meet for the very first time. Remember I searched them up but thought the other songs were kinda boring and not my style at the time. A time after I saw they had a "new" album on sale, 40/40, then I was addicted to Close To You. After that I didn't really heard or saw more of them, until this year I just stared to get more and more interested in their music so I just slowly become a fan. When I just started listening to them I searched about Karen and Richard and just read what I could find at the moment aslo that Karen had fallen asleep in 1983, at the moment I didn't think much about it. But today I do, it actually made me cry the thought of hearing her voice and now know she isnt on this earth anymore... just breaks my heart.
 I just became a fan of their music, and can today say that I am a REALLY big fan, they are my favorite duo/group of all time. Most of the music is kinda sweet, sometimes bittersweet and sad which makes it kinda too sweet, easy and boring at first sight, but I don't see it that way at all. Karen's voice is really one of a kind and Richard's musical instinct is just genious, it is perfect for my ears.
Makes me think, relax, dance, smile, cry, dream, laugh and just takes me to another world. Karen has been gone for a long time now, but I still wanna show my respect to this lovely woman with (my opinion) one of the best voices of all time, such personality in it... A really rare gift. 
I can't imagine what it would be today if she still were alive. 
Forever in my heart her smile will live, rest in peace Karen Carpenter.

Another reason I love them so much is because I can't find a song where I think "Don't like it" I seriously love all their songs, so here is som random song I picked out.

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