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onsdag 4. april 2012


This is something new I wanna try out for my blog. I dont only want it to be about fashion, music, art/inspiration and stuff like that. I want more about myself as a person too.... This is my blog and if some dont like it, they dont... And if they do, they do. (Sorry for my bad english)

The main reason I'm writing this is because I was at my grandmother's ( I call her Mimmi ) apartment yesterday. She is in an older home and is going to sell her apartment, she needed her hearing protection so I went to look for them.I found them at once and had about 30 mins till my mum come pick me up. I was looking for something to do, cause its almost all empty there. There was photoalbums in a shelf, so I took them and sat on the couch . Some of the albums I've had seen before and another album I cant remember looked at, so I picked that one up and startet looking at photos.It was my grandma as a young lady, I don't know how old she was, but she was young and free... Maybe my age? There was picture of her friends, her 18th birthday, her former boyfriend ( I dont know, haha. The text was something like "my first love" so I guess it was her boyfriend back then ) and just pictures that showed she had fun. So it all made me think about memories, time and age. Memories have always been important to me, I tell my friends ALL the time that I want something to remember later in life. Sometimes we take picture other times we film and just do stupid things. But I dont think that's enough, I want more. I want my children, grandchildren and maybe even further in the future to see how I was as a person at a young age. Maybe they'll get the same feeling I did when I was looking at the pictures. When I saw the pictures of my grandma and her friends, it made me realise that people actually get older with time and they have all been teenagers just like me. Maybe I sound stupid, but I've actually never thought of "older" people as myself. They are all the same, just time have changed their looks. There was one picture i remember really good, it was with two guys on a boat or something, one of them had sunglasses on and both had no tshirts on because it was sunny. They posed for the camera and laugh. So wierd to thin about that they have lived that moment once. I have no idea who they are today, or how they may look, they was just so beautiful and looked like boys you see on the street, but the thought of them old tells me they are not. Today's older generation seem kinda strict, but by looking at those photos made me think if they wasnt like that when they were younger? Or have they always been that way? Did something change them? Was it time? Or have they just lived so long they dont "care" anymore about fun? This is one of the main reason I want to build memories so bad, so when I get old I can watch a video or look at all my picture taken year by year. That my grandchildren can look at it and see how it was back then, how I was, how the people I love was, my dear friends, my family, my town, my house, my room, my dog, my job, my sense of style, my birthdays, my travels, my everything. Time flies so fast, I just can't keep on thinking -I can build memories tomorrow- I have never seen a generation getting "old" and I never will till I get old. But by looking at those picture gave me a look at how it will be,  at the people in the pictures young, healthy, smile, having fun and just be free and now see them in the street as an older person walking home from the store. Life is so beautiful, I just want to remember it and feel how it was back then when I'm an old man. I'm looking forward to, I really do.

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2000 (google picture) ( btw... ew)

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  1. Don’t forget the things you once you owned. Treasure the things you can’t get. Don't give up the things that belong to you and keep those lost things in memory.Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. MEMORY FOR YOURSELF & FAMILY & FRIENDS

  2. Sometimes people forget they're immortal. I think that's our biggest mistake. We take things for granted, get stressed about something that's not worth it and just wait for our lives to wither away. You're a lucky man, cause you realized time is precious :)

  3. It even brings us forgotten memories. pictures keep our memories.
    even felt like I was riding a time machine while I read your posting