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søndag 8. april 2012

Play a song

I would really like to know your thought about these soundtracks. 
I find it interesting what other people think and feel by listening to the same song and then mostly get to somewhere else in this world.
Just pick one random song and tell me what number you listen to and write what you feel and think while listening to that song.
Seriously it means alot to me if you do, thanks. (^.^)/ ( It's a face btw, ahhaha )

Nr. 1
Star Wars - Across The Stars

I see my self on a bike in the early 90's at summer on my way to the moon or something.
I have this silver cap on, a red shirt, jeans and And some really colorful shoes.
It is late at night and the sky is blue/really dark orange color and have little stars and the moon is right in front of me.
And then I come to the moon, my love is there waiting for me.. How cute.. Forever alone in real life.

Nr. 2
Gladiator - No We Are Free

This must be one of my favorite song right now, I loooove it.
It's early at morning, the sun have just woken up while I am running through an open field.
There's one mountain at my right, it has this light blue color... 
so beautiful, just like you see in a child's movie from the 90's.
I just feel so happy while listening to this song, makes me feel so free and alive. 
(Dont know what shes saying tho)

Nr. 3
Country Strong - Give In To Me

It's not like the other songs, but its still from a movie and I really like it.
Me and the boy I like (Maybe his name is Oliver?) is sitting underneath a big three at night
staring at the stars. It's an open field ( once again ) with butterflies flying around
and birds singing their good night song. Happy Happy.
More I won't say :]

Nr. 4
The Island - My Name Is Lincoln

It is the future, at a lake, just feeling the power of this song.
 I am myself in a different time.... Maybe 100 years in to the future.
I want this to me played at my funeral, makes me feel strong and I want people to remember they are.

Nr. 5
The Crimson Wing Mystery Of The Flamingos - Arrival Of The Birds

I can fly.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Yup...Gladiator has always been my favorite. It can really boost your spirit. If I'm going to war that would be the soundtrack I want playing on the background :D

  2. Well let's take Nr. 2
    Gladiator - No We Are Free

    it kind of reminded me of Africa. I couldn´t stop thinking of dust, leather, a rough silk, a woman caring a baby wearing a big headpiece ( african style)

    well here is one for you!

    I don't know if you like it but tell me what you think